"Faith 4 A Cure" Campaign


Our Story

On Memorial Day weekend 2013, at the age of 6, our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We were completely devastated by the news and for the first several months remained both in a daze and in denial. We honestly didn't have much knowledge of Type 1 diabetes before the diagnosis and had know idea how common the condition was in children. We had no idea that according to the ADA, 1.25 million Americans have this disorder. And that it is estimated  that 40,000 people receive a type 1 diagnosis each year in the United States.

We have first-hand experience of the physical and mental toll that living with an incurable condition can take on a child and their family. Faith Charms wants to raise awareness concerning chronic conditions in children and we want to help other families dealing with similar situations by donating to the organizations who are vigorously working to treat and find cures. 

Because of this, we decided to join our faith with these causes and start the Faith 4 A Cure Campaign. A portion of all FC proceeds goes toward this campaign and is filtered through the following 3 organizations:

Type 1 Diabetes donations go to JDRF    ----- 

Cancer donations go to St. Jude Research Hospital  ----

Autism donations go to Autism Speaks ----

Every purchase helps of reach our $1M “Faith 4 A Cure” goal!